«  An animal may be ferocious and cunning enough, but it takes a real man to tell a lie »

Excerpt from the book of H.G Wells, The Island of Dr. Moreau, 1896.

The city will not become the Jurassik park of tomorrow

Our world has been altered over the years. We are moving towards an increasingly artificial nature. Today, our human relationships are deteriorated, wrong due to the extent of new technologie to our reality. Informations are only exchanged through interfaces. Everything is filtered up to the physical encounter, our way of communicating is undeniably lacking.
In a world where everything is fake and negotiable, how to find a form of animality, to immerse oneself in a primitive landscape ? How can we move away from the educated and domesticated being we have become to grasp a form of wilderness state ?

Tender Room, one volume, two identical hulls, one bedroom.

This architecture is a substitution for the meeting’s interface, it is a prerequisite for reinventing man’s manipulated environment and becomes an ante-chamber of the wild and hostile state of nature. True protected area, this shelter allows us to rediscover this fusion with the other and to learn again to dialogue by and with the body. It establishes a time to reveal oneself, to love oneself, to reach this inner rest.
A micro-architecture adaptable to urban space. This nomadic capsule opens a new dimension. It questions the boundaries between public and private space by proposing an intimate meeting place incorporated into urban and landscape passageways. Its roaming rethinks the way in which the territory is occupied and encourages the development of an unconstrained nature. In contrast to this substainable and fixed quest marked by the human footprint, this ephemeral conception brings a sincere correlation between architecture and landscape. Urbanity is in search of a return to its roots, to Eden. This module provides a stepping stone to this new paradigm. A connection place away from the screens for Adam and Eve 2.0. 
A particular escape to abandon one’s thoughtful mind and achieve an instinctive body.

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