Offset sheets and nylon cable ties
225 x 225 x 215 cm

Architecture for fiction. Commission of Virginie Despentes for her movie « Bye Bye Blondie ».

Time has gone but two women who shared a youthful romance meet again. One of them, Emmanuelle Béart, is settled down in a secure life with a middle class husband. The second one, Béatrice Dalle, is spending a kind of parallel life. The loose cannon comes and invades the space of the other one. In this process of infiltration, a hut is built as a free zone where the two women can continue their love. As the wearer of a scramble suit in Scanner Darkly, they are protected by a multi-faceted shell. They experience a space of sexualities, a life inside the life where identities get confused. The installation is rough and illegal. As in a do it yourself, the composition recalls the fragility of never ending work of Merzbau. An ephemeral shelter of experiences, to be continued.

Images : Henri Maîkoff