182 x 112 x 120cm
Painted MDF

“Opus Incertum” seems to create a new piece of furniture that settles you in a flying position. In reference to its original meaning, an ancient Roman construction technique used to fill in empty spaces, the geometrical piece offsets the movement of a body falling through the air.
Recalling “Le saut dans le vide” of Yves Klein, in which the idea was to experience the void, to be “A man in space! ” a message written on the wall asks for physical experimentation: “ you are invited to try me out”. However the body is literally stuck in its leaping motion. It bumps into the piece and confronts a material world. In a world where speed and movement lead to a negation of the body, “Opus Incertum” invites us to stop for a while.

Courtesy of the artist and Michel Rein, Paris/Brussels
Collection : CNAP, Paris, France