12,5 x 16,5 x 20 cm
Porcelain lamp socket, stainless steel, cable and bulb

“Licht! Mehr Licht!” or “Light! More Light!” are Goethe’s last words. They arise here as an epitaph to a large Edison bulb on a ceramic light fixture edged with a jawbone. This bedside lamp, an obvious celebration of Goethe’s discoveries in optics and osteology, takes the form of a stylized skull that recalls a strange funereal vigil.
This object, which is part of the series of vanities initiated with “Domesticity Dead Zone” (2012), incorporates the principle of initialing exemplified in “Naked Lunch” (2012), and is the result of an assemblage or collage of three elements, which, together, affect the symbolic.

Courtesy of the artist and Michel Rein, Paris/Brussels ; Galeria Filomena Soares, Lisbon ; Parque Galeria, Mexico DF.
Images : Raphaëlle Mueller