955 x 455 cm
Black oil pastel

“Future Will Be a Remake” is a game that invites people to appropriate architecture through the act of play. Drawn on the floor, an endless hopscotch board creates a new trajectory enabling the body to occupy the space in a temporary and unusual way.
In this game of hopscotch, life is seen as a simple ascension from the earth to the sky, from hell to paradise. It is a game where life ends in the rest frame, a simplification made in fake innocence.
Once the visitor takes a step in this new version of the hopscotch, his body is taken into the infinity of roving. Life is fast and asks for infinite mobilization. Through repetition of an hypnotic movement, the visitor lets himself to enter a mental world, a new space with infinite dimensions. No more earth, no more sky, no more up and down. Only a virtual area physically traced.

Courtesy of the artist and Galeria Filomena Soares, Lisbon
Images : Paulo Costa
Collection : Centro de Arte Moderna – Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Portugal