145 x 180 x 92 cm
Steel frame, seat, pneumatic wheels, headlights, used battery and viedo camera


“Exploring Dead Buildings” is a video made in the abandoned headquarters of the former Ministry of Highways of the Soviet Republic of Georgia. The video shows the discovery of this dilapidated space by a non-motorized module on wheels that is controlled by two remote operators. With the only lighting provided by two battery-powered spotlights, the camera moves slowly into the darkness revealing the complexity of this dead architecture.
Is it a scientific documentary of a fallen civilization? A video game creating a simulated space? A film from the past in a possible future?
The images appear in a confusion of space and time. The crossover between the real and the virtual leads the viewer to recreate his own scenario. In the remains of the building, the viewer faces his own fears, sending him back to the myth of a sole survivor of a world in ruins.
Made of salvaged materials, the device itself seems to be a record of modern archeology. Scarred and seduced by time’s effect, it transmits a testimony of its trajectory in an unknown territory. This scientific exploration initiates a personal path for the imaginary. Between fascination and tension, rough images reveal parts of a modern building with faded memories. It’s like an architectural stroll through an animated chiaroscuro.

Courtesy of the artist and Michel Rein, Paris/Brussels ; Galeria Filomena Soares, Lisbon ; Parque Galeria, Mexico DF