Urban space

Koer, Vienne
1200 x 625 x 354 cm
Lacquered welded steel tubes and lightning system
Build, 2017

This piece takes the form of a series of furniture bringing the domestic space into the public space. It follows Didier Fiúza Faustino’s process of blurring the lines between disciplines. With this installation, the artist transforms the collective space into an intimate space and questions the limits between the public and the private spheres. It goes beyond the mere representation of urban furniture and calls for the interaction of the people crossing, walking, wandering on the Kunstplatz Graben. By its repetitive patterns, the installation stands as a piece in progress that could proliferate and occupy a larger territory, therefore redefining the identity of the public space within the city of Wien.

The installation is composed of a series of 6 pieces unit, made of 2 “chairs”, 1 “low table”, 1 “pedestal table” and 2 screens including a lightning system. The pieces will be in lacquered welded steel tubes (colour to be defined). The exact number of units will be determined according to the production constraints in the limit of the area allowed for the KÖR program.

Photographies David Boureau