Installation : diam: 3,40 m ; h : 1,10 m
Each element : 1,25 x 0,50 x 1,23 m
Galvanized steel

« The hoplitics weapons could not appear before the new social system which is the soldier who opposes the archaic form of the Greek army that is a caste of warriors. […] The shield with two handles, is one of the most original of hoplitics weapons, it is a tool, it is a collective device. […] The shield with two handles, is the best way to weld the soldiers to each other. » Gilles Deleuze, Le Pouvoir classe n°12 – 28/01/1986

After « Occupy Wall Street » and similar protest movements which followed all over the world, Didier Faustino proposes a modular architecture designed to structure sittings. To be activated, the rough architecture would need the roundup of a group of demonstrators into the urban space. Each participant would wear a device linked to the others to form an occupied territory. The aesthetic of the piece tends to, paradoxically, anti-riot police equipment design and chain-link fences form. This duality places the demonstrator in a double condition : offensive and defensive.

Courtesy of the artist and Parque Galeria / Mexico DF, Mexique
With the support of Chicago Architecture Biennial